Adult Judo Classes

Our Basingstoke Judo club is licensed with the British Judo Association, the sport’s National Governing Body, this means that you can be assured of the quality of what we teach and that all of our coaches are properly trained, qualified and insured to teach.

We are located  in a professionally equipped full time dojo with mats permanently laid and a range of training equipment to use to help develop strength and flexibility. Our permanently matted dojo make training easier and safer when practising Judo and we know that we have all the equipment on hand necessary to run a class in an environment where we control who uses the mats at all times.




Judo is an Olympic sport and includes  techniques to lift and throw your opponent onto their back and then hold them down. Judo can seem quite rough, but like all Martial Arts, if practised properly the risk of injury is minimised. We cater for younger players in their late teens or early 20s through to practitioners who are much older than that, going into their late 40s. Clearly at different ages, there can be a big disparity in terms of what a player is capable of doing, we are aware of this and can help you to maximise your training time by ensuring the techniques that you do are optimal for your age and body.





Adults Judo club in Basingstoke

If you’re looking to develop your level of fitness, co-ordination, learn some self defence or even just lose weight, then Judo is a good option to consider. Everyone starts Judo for a different reason, some like the thrills of competing, others want to get fit, some people like the social atmosphere. No matter, why you want to learn Judo, we can help you learn and develop new skills whilst having a good time doing so. Come and try a free taster class and see what you’re missing.


You can expect to work with a partner during the class to learn and practice techniques under the watchful guidance of our fully qualified coaches. It will be hardwork, you will get fitter, you will learn a host of useful skills and improve your coordination and you’ll even have fun doing it, just like in this video. 



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