Childrens Judo Class

Kesa-Gatame-Basingstoke-JudAt our Judo Club which is based in a full time Dojo in Basingstoke, the children not only learn a self defence and self protection skills from the sport, they learn much more from us. Martial Arts training with us is different. It’s fun, it’s exciting and as a life skill is invaluable, teaching confidence, self belief and focus. Children also learn about respect, humility, fitness and self discipline in our classes.

We believe that everyone should be able to take part in our Judo classes, we work with each person as an individuals to help them fulfil their potential within Judo, to help them get fitter, develop confidence in their own skills and to improve.

What do we actually do in class?

Classes are all taught by our experienced qualified coaches and are structured so that we train safely and all classes include a warm up, strengthening and flexibility exercises along with technical aspects of Judo.

The format for the class changes weekly as we progress through the British Judo Association curriculum, this helps to ensure that we cover all the necessary points to help the children to further develop their skills and knowledge. Our classes are structured to encourage a ‘can do’ confident attitude in all the children we teach. It is our job as educators to work with parents to make sure your children are successful, not just in their practice of Judo, but in life in general.

We achieve this by showing children that hard work means achievement and achievement means success. This is a video of two of our members practising some groundwork skills.




Kids Judo in Basingstoke. Basingstoke Children's JudoWhat is the difference between Judo and other Martial Arts?

Modern Judo is taught principally on the basis that it focuses on throwing and groundwork with a wide range of different throws to learn and a number of different holds or locks for groundwork. Whilst this is true, at a more advanced level some of the Katas include some striking or self defence including against weapons. However the main focus of Judo is throwing and groundwork.

Judo-ka (Judo Players) will be seen to grip on another’s Jacket to practice and will then try to use this to gain an advantage over their partner and throw them. Once on the floor the bout continue with groundwork including holds and locks (for older Teens) still using your partners balance against them.

We work with the British Judo Association grading syllabus, so everyone k now what they need to do to achieve their next belt. The syllabus below is the first one that children will progress through as they learn Judo with us. 

British Judo Association Grading Syllabus Red Belt 1st Mon to 3rd Mon - Novice to 6th Kyu









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