Kids Judo Class in Basingstoke

Located in a professionally equipped, full time dojo (training hall), with permanent mats and training equipment, training is made safer and easier when practising Judo with the Basingstoke Judo Club. Not only will the children learn self-protection skills from the sport, but they also learn about fitness, self-discipline, respect and humility. All whilst developing their confidence and focus in a fun and exciting atmosphere.

We are the only Judo club in Basingstoke to hold the prestigious Clubmark Quality Kitemark Accreditation from Sport England. Clubmark thoroughly examines the coaches, policies and procedures within a club to determine the ability and nature of the club to provide a high-quality learning environment for all its members. We are also registered with the British Judo Association, which is the sport’s National Governing Body.

Our experience and qualified Judo coaches work with and treat all members as individuals to help them reach their potential by developing their skills and confidence. All classes include a warm up, strength and flexibility exercises plus the judo techniques. The format of the class changes weekly as we progress through the British Judo Associations Curriculum. This ensures that all the required points are included to help the children progress, developing their knowledge and skills.


The term Judo translates from Japanese as the Gentle Way, which explains one of the principles of the Olympic Sport – to use the opponent’s strength and force against them, rather than relying on your own force. Therefore, the techniques practised do not rely on strength or size, and so can effectively be applied against larger and stronger opponents.  This makes Judo a great martial art for children to learn, either for self-defence or as a sport. The techniques learnt are used to lift and throw the opponent onto the ground, and to then pin them down, controlling their body using different holds until submission.

Within the class, children are paired with someone of an appropriate size to help them learn and apply their skills.

Rolls, throws, falls, chokes, strikes, joint-locks and hold-downs are the techniques used within Judo, but the focus is on throwing (nage-waza) and groundwork (ne-waza). Randori, which means Free Practise, is a form of sparring used within Judo. Here two partners practice against each other with any throw or grappling technique they have learnt within their training, to test their skills.

There are two groups of throws: Standing and Sacrifice Techniques. Standing techniques are further divided into Hand, Hip and Foot and Leg techniques. Sacrifice techniques are divided into those where the thrower falls onto their side, and those where they fall backwards.

The groundwork techniques consist of holding or pinning techniques, more advanced and older students also lock some locks as well.







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